Hello, my name is Yehna Cha and I am a freelance video editor and casual cartoonist. I am currently a fourth year undergraduate at University of California, Santa Barbara. I will be graduating in June with a double-major in Film and Media Studies and English along with a minor in Professional Writing Multimedia Communication.

What I'm Made Up Of

  • Boba 100%
  • K-pop 96%
  • Attemping to be Optimistic 87.3%
  • Unintentially Pessimistic 84.3%
  • Love for Pie 3.145%
  • Doodling 88%


I love to tell stories both through writing and through visual arts such as animation and comics. I also love to doodle and to draw my mascot, Cheekoo, which is some kind of cute animal hybrid that no one really knows what to call it.

Other than story telling, I also enjoy listening to Korean music (I've been a dedicated member at UCSB's K-pop Club during my time there) and milk tea with boba.